Digital Communication



Everyone's become tech savvy and connected thanks to facebook and mobile phone.  


For the last decade people have been asking- "Should I try building a website?"  



I always give an emphatic YES - it is a great idea.  Go ahead.  Don't be intimidated -  if I can- ANYONE can - the tech-gurus anticipate our needs and the programs get easier to use every year.  


Although we promote self-reliance and do it yourself.  Last years  Community Conversation  did show - there are definitely times when - Pay a Professional is the best option.  


The time factor would be a consideration for many people.  Building a website beats watching tele for a hobby but it is can be a time consuming process.   Apparently some fallas can have a website uploaded and content written in 5 mins so it isn't necessarily expensive. 


You have good solid platform then, information to put out through your social media systems.  Plus if facebook is ever deleted... or when it becomes too much of a shitfight of rubbish. (which doesn't seem far off) Your content is still solid and ready to catch - or even direct- the next wave.

A website is a great Database  Many interesting conclusions are revealed by oberving statistics.  Market Research  For example if I were to guess what the readers here were most interested in - I would be wrong.  


Maiia I see 20thC massmedia as an anomoly, from some fancy footwork and self-serving legislation in Australia from the 1940-50s. You never saw so many 'Sirs' on one job in Australia as in that period of technological innovation.  Hence the importance of keeping NET NEUTRALITY -innovation without micromanagement by the type of capitalist elitism that destroyed Australia's community newspapers, entertainment and broadcasting industry potentials. 


For simple news and links a free site is all you need.  They're WYSIWYG - Wikipedia


You need your own webhosting and URL - domain name for big projects. The free sites like wordpress and blogger are not intended for the purpose of you Monetising from them. They will delete you if you violate their terms and conditions. You just wake up one day and it is gone. If you are passionate about the project you are building - that is heartbreaking. The task of rebuilding can seem impossible (speaking from experience here) It is possible to begin again if a project is lost and the new one will have advantages - we don't want that to happen. The likelihood will increase under the Trans Pacific Partnership. The big organisations do not want you cutting a slice out of their pie/empire.  .Affiliate Marketing or Commission

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