Cairns Collaborative Commerce C.C.C  we're just here to explore community based networks of support and localisation of e-commerce  Direct Sales  The usual tag is Affiliate Marketing or Commission Sales


Being online is no different to a physical shop.  You still need to apply basic business priciples.  You still need to come up with a working business model.  You still need Quality products and services, targeted traffic and to engage and grow new audiences and customers.  Marketing & Promo 


      Is "Vote with Your Wallet"  relevant in the 21st Century?  The Emporium 


Websites Big corporations do not want you cutting a slice out of their pie.  So you need your own webhosting and URL - domain name.  Free sites like wordpress and blogger are not intended for the purpose of you making money. They will delete you if you violate their terms and conditions.  You just wake up one day and it is gone.  Under the Trans Pacific Partnership the likelihood of being deleted will increase















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