Is Vote with Your Wallet Relevant in the New Paradigm??

Living simply because it's easier, kinder and cheap. The New Paradigm Voluntary Simplicity is still first nature to Australians. A Community Conversation about The Nature  of the Community Conversation 



 Maiia  Mindless Compliance is Complicity.  Machines and computers, property 'rights' and profit motives are the fingers that animate - the ugly triplets abuse, militarism and economic exploitation. 


Beyond anchorings to a northern henisphere whitefalla's book and broadcast media fictional past 1984  Does the old Canadian chestnut  Vote with Your Wallet hold meaning for the 21st Century?


Must we also Rethink Voting in elections? Speaking of industrial era chestnuts like Murdoch and Trump Is The honest vote of the 1980s: No Confidence - NON PARTICIPATION.  Playing your CARDS Wrong in The New Paradigm   


Buy Nothing Day is said to be to be a precursor to Occupy. The first Buy Nothing Day was organized in Canada in 1992. In 1997 - Buy Nothing moved to the Friday after American Thanksgiving  Buy Nothing Day @ Adbusters Medi Buy Nothing - Cairns  After Buy Nothing Day,  the next step: Take Back Christmas.

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