F & FU

FEEDBACK AND FOLLOW UP   Friday - Support-  Revision and Personal Support.

Friday is our social day...  Brindle Style - Friday

100 Percent  

Finishing a job professionally has it's technical aspects. Left to their own devices (initiative) some young people walk off a job and leave their tools lying right where they were being used. Poor cleanup and equipment care increases running costs and expenses.     Monday - Organisation


Knock Off  therefore involves effective time management, and includes the time necessary for packing down, for clean up and putting equipment away. 

Finishing a job professionally can also have a pleasant social aspect and is a means to building relationships and networks of goodwill and community support.  Database.

Seek a point for improvement from your feedback, evaluation and review.  

Evaluate your own work and compare the results with your original design strategy.  Project Development  

Review statistics, information, and observations from your database as well as the feed back - that can be implemented in the planning of new projects.





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