F & FU Feedback and Follow Up

 Friday - Support

Friday is our most social day and you can talk with us online at  Brindle Style - Friday 

Feedback is useful because it helps to motivate and inspire people. It lets us know where and what to focus on, and it encourages our continued growth and improvement. It highlights possible improvements that can be made and offers possibilities as to how to go about it.

Just saying we disagree or that they someone should do better, without offering any constructive suggestions isn’t very helpful. 

Straight up negativity is toxic, destructive or abusive. Feedback that damages the persons self-belief, often by attacking the person and not the subject. It next level unhelpful as it demotivates and diminishes people. 

Receiving Feedback

Seek a point for improvement from your feedback, evaluation and review with which to evaluate your progress and allow improve your plans, goals and strategy.  Project Development  This is just as valuable as reviewing statistics, information, and observations from a database.

POSITIVE FEEDBACK is about validation and recognition. It shows people that their efforts, contributions or skills are valued. It is acknowledges what is going RIGHT -Positive Feedback recognises our successes and achievements and encourages further growth.   







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