Reason to Live

Avoid burnout and stay strong through grief, trauma and crisis.  Help Lines & Services Visit  WALDEN'S POND for time out to renew and refresh the spirit.  Suicide crisis – genocidal numbers The Stringe


So what would a reason to live look like?   A glimmer of Hope perhaps in the form of a 21st century Sovreignty movement?  The spectre Invasive colonialism runs across the entire latitude Southern Hemisphere Tropics of Capricorn.  Remote Australia is the lucky country when compared with our 'neighbours' in Melanesia, Sth America or Africa. Globalisation doesn't care whether you're black, white or brindle. 



Heiress or Empress? Mining not only wants the land and resources - it wants to be seen in it's public relations department to be caring, well at least - lawful, regarding 'community concerns' - in other words - to look good while going about business as usual.  


Given context - Australia's outrageous suicide statistics take on a level of meaning.  Take for example the seemingly modern city of Cairns in Northern Queensland with it's underlying tales of horror and tragedy.   What Prof Earnest Hunter called 'lives of perpetual grieving'Professor Ernest Hunter - Living is for Everyone


Unemployment is a massive factor in the community in crisis.  Compliance is king yet there is no way to find a million jobs that do not exist.  An Unemployment Industrial Complex -where 'serving' an underclass - is one nonproductive way to make a living.  Then there's the education and training industrial complex.  Let's get real about education, employment, productivity, creativity, innovation & social and economic Justice. MNA - The Work Experience

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