Break Trance- The Dance
Self-time is vital.  ILUMINATA Calm the reptilian brain - for the mind is a faithful servant, but ruthless master.  Wise Monkey Take time out to refresh, rebalance and reboot. 

The Emotional Freedom Techniques known as 'tapping.' Or EFT are well worth a try.  For getting rid of disorder, addiction, phobia, chatter in the skull -as it is called; emotional baggage. There are some wild claims about relief from chronic pain and traumatic memory. Definitely worth a look.  Eutaptics with Gene Smith especially.
The Art of Meditation

Byron Katies The Work is a powerful and useful technique for developing clear and coherant thinking skill. 

"From below, house of Earth, may the heart beat of her crystal core bless us with harmonies to end all war." Jose Arguelles.  


Brindle Style isn't contrived to advance somebody's PR agenda, sell you a product, or in the words of wikipedia - 'persuade you to believe something that's not true.PWe're just part of the 2% of what we read, hear & view that comes from mainstreet. 


"I do not believe in frontiers, barriers and flags. I believe we all belong, independently of latitudes and longitudes, independently to the same family which is the human family." Vitorrio Arrigoni

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