Fanfunding Crowdsourcing
Maiia Brindle

Everyone from Spike Lee, Sylvestor Stallone to Ricky Lake and Willie Nelson have been there. 

Fan or crowd funding began around 2001 with Artists Share coming online about the same time as us in 2003, when systems were much slower than they are today. Their projects have received 6 Grammys 21 Grammy nominations.  So it bodes well for growth in this sector due to much improved social media and video tools.


Kickstarter launched in 2009 - Jan 2014 there are listing

11 276 art projects, 26 622 music, 15 294 publishing etc. From beef jerky to sustainable germ-free chopping boards; from activists court costs to a statue of Nikola Tessla.             Kickstarter's Facebook           PledgeMusic     PledgeMusic Facebook


Indiegogo is the largest platform.  "-IndieGogo takes 4% of your earnings if you reach your goal and 9% if you don’t. Kickstarter is all or nothing. If you don’t reach your goal no money is exchanged, but if you do reach your goal you get the full amount minus 5%."


Am I Worth It? Crowdsourcing and Critical Pedagogy
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