Maria Lesley Tonks Editor and Originator at Brindle Style)


Aotearoa to Austranesia and back. 

Mahia, Mandurah, Moerewa, Mooroobool, Manoora, Manunda, Mareeba.

FROM WAIROA TO W.A - that's like 






BRINDLE STYLE was influenced and inspired by the Maori Women's Welfare League, Te Ropu Wahine Maori Toko i te Ora - and the immersive language programme Kohangareo.   


WALDEN'S POND - A CELBRATION OF LIFE - Bringing HeART to Healing.    

Seeing the old soldiers struggling with painful traumatic memory during the 'Vietnam' era and recieving the1980 Beverly Cantlon Memorial Art Award from the parents of two highschool students that committed suicide meant that through the decades mental health and wellbeing remain fundamental in all that I do.  


During the early 1970s the Pauly family from Colorado (USA) ran a homeschool program for music, dance, visual arts and communty. PICTURE AboveActon House 


Maiia Brindle
"They had amazing results from studying in depth from early childhood. My two friends who lived there, went on to the join the National Ballet and the New Zealand Opera Company. I've been captivated by humanising the arts, Creation and reCreation ever since."  "I developed the love of photography and documentation using my older sister's a 'Box Brownie'.  This was one of the first ever affordable mass produced cameras. The Brownie camera produced 8 photos per roll of FILM. The limitation presented by that was an amazing foundation and discipline. Every shot was calculated for perfection.  Technology expanded to SLRs and 32 photos per roll of film - and that was absolute LUXURY!!
MANA TAMARIKI - By 1981 I was creating narrative art for early readers at Waikirikiri School which remains to this day one of the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in New Zealand. Through the decades I've been involved in community writers groups and indymedia projects, including working with humour. 

Working with the complex elements of genius and outsider artists is an amazing privelage.  I also enjoy working with individuals and small groups, for project and professional development skills; or for enjoyment, self expression, and esteem that creativity enables. 


Through the years I've held dozens of solo and group exhibitions and installations.    Creating and installing performance and stage space for celebrations and community events is rewarding, I like to donate work and time to various good causes like the West Papua freedom movement and have produced tens of thousands of photographs.


Print trials of Brindle Style began at the end of 2001. In March of 2003 to coincide with International Womens Day we launched our first online edition.  Friendship Book - as we called it, was the logical, next step - a community conversation and recognition feature that combined digital photography, hyperlinked with community profiles.  Friendship Book coulda been a contender! 


Having already touched the lives and hearts of millions of people around the world. In 2007 when we began to build this more modern website - and incorporating farcebook in 2009.   Providing digital media content free of charge for many not for profit groups, community and musical events, individuals and small business ventures. A highlight and delight was the Bridging Heaven & Earth television show that was broadcast on 200 channels throughout the U.S for 19 years out of Santa Barbara California. 



Our interest in cohousing, sovereignty and intentional community begin with Stover Art in 2009.  This was a commercial space where I ran weekend painting workshops, focused on my personal arts practice, and continued to produce new monthly features and content for this website as well as 50 page print edition. We  moved from there to a larger five house youth arts and community project. The Green Room   Crew   


2012 we moved offices again to The PEACE ROOM going over the tracks to the troubled Cairns West community to join forces with prominent social and environmental justice workers and the NONVIOLENCE group Cairns PEACE By PEACE founded by Margaret Pestorius and the late great ploughshare activist Bryan Law. 


I think being both immigrant and native in the southern hemisphere, observing and navigating multiple simultaneously operating, often contradictory worlds-views and honouring each, is an interesting grounding.  Te Punga - The Anchor 


LIFE AND ART can benifit from Framing as Liza Sellton SYNCRONET- Maser Training and Elders Forums says gives a project sense of FINISH.   Framing Brindle Style is quite a task.  An interdimensional dream library with pictures on the walls. Context that brings life to Art.  That illuminates both the form and the fire.   


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