SYNCRONET - Cottage Industry


Working at Home
Let's get real about productivity, creativity, education, innovation and employment.
Let's utilise the technology along with the ordinary human capacity for good will, good humour, generosity and reciprocity.


Syncronet - Cottage Industry - Group


  • a place to share info and ask questions
  • Connect with local makers and buyers through networked collaboration 
  • helps those wanting to learn to make things - find information, workshops and courses


  • Registered teacher and mentor Eliza Sellton has also run private and community businesses. Large and small. As well as organising market stalls and merchandise for festivals. Including Australia's Reggaetown Festival

     Syncronet - Master Training 

    "The object of education is for the student to take the next step." - Eliza Sellton

    Myer Briggs Type Indicator - MBTI  

    Millions of people worldwide have taken the Indicator each year since its first publication in 1962                 .

    Special features:  Tree of Life  Karl Jung unifying archetypal knowledge


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