Cottage Industry

In the past most things surrounding us were locally made or passed on to us by previous generations. Mass production lack a warmth of tradition, stories, narrative values, work and technical skill that goes into producing something that is entirely unique and very special, a holder of intangible value and meaning.


Making things and doing stuff. Making stuff and doing things.


Maiia:I grew up in a regional community- ya didn't have shops, and didn't waste petrol or cash on driving to the city. 




 A)  You got a bita brains about you, improvised or traded with someone else nearby who was perhaps faster or more proficient in that area.  


B)  We went without.         


C)  We waited - saved up pennies and put into play plans that would enable us to get to the goal later on.




Often a giant step forward means looking back.  In this Cottage Industry Forum, Maiia and Leeza will look at some of the practicalities of creative work.


Syncronet is the concept of Russian born educator Elizabeth Sellton.


"Environmentally progressive use of resources have always been around.  Energy can be wasted but it's gotta be on having fun. "



Syncronet - Cottage Industry - Group


  • provides a place to share info and ask questions
  • Connects local makers and buyers through networked collaboration 
  • helps those wanting to learn to make things - find workshops and courses

     Registered teacher and mentor Eliza Sellton has run businesses large and small, as well as market stalls and merchandise for festivals. Including Australia's Reggaetown Festival

  •  Syncronet - Master Training 

     Discussion group and Elders forum with Eliza Sellton.

    "The object of education is for the student to take the next step." - Eliza Sellton   
    Individualised Mastery Learning

    Myer Briggs Type Indicator - MBTI  

    Millions of people worldwide have taken the Indicator each year since its first publication in 1962                 .

    Special features:  Tree of Life  Karl Jung unifying archetypal knowledge


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