Lantern Lit Healing Ceremonies




"Together we seek and find the common ground of lament.  Everyone one has a story to tell. Everyone is touched by the trauma of war and the trauma crosses generations. - Lest we forget."


2016 campaign Close Pine Gap  At the US spy and drone base outside Alice Springs. Working with Arrernte elder, Chris "Peltharre" Tomlins traveling ambassador making national and international call to close Pine Gap. 


Chris Tomlins @ the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra: “The Arrernte people have been the custodians and peaceful protectors of their country for thousands of years. Our sovereignty is contained in our songlines, stories and dances, which have been handed down over thousands of years. As the lawful custodians we are responsible for what occurs on our land and the harm it brings to the rest of the world. The activity of the facility at Pine Gap has implicated us in criminal military actions, which threatens the dignity of all people, implicates us in war crimes and generates instability and conflict around the globe as a consequence of US imperialism." 


LAMENT For The Sorrows and Losses of War

These HEALING events evoke the various sorrows and losses of wars with spoken word, songs, dance, performance and individual storytelling says Graeme Dunstan of  "Participatory 

theatre with contributions from local performers" 



"A veritable tsunami of ANZACery is now building," Mr Dunstan warns. "The impact of which, if not its base intention, will be to militarise Australian history and culture and to normalise war." Mr Dunstan observes that WW1 was supposed to be the war that would end all wars. But now we have endless war. "Hatred cannot cure hatred and war cannot bring peace."



Ray of Sunshine  4 paths of spirit and destiny in a population with perpetual grief and a tourist facade.  Four paths to transformation.  Inspired by the light and life of tropical Australia. 



Via Positiva   Spring. Fire, Awe, wonder, amazement. Joy. Youth. 

Via Negativa Water- Walden's Pond as with joy one can go to the heart of creativity and inspired action through grief, surrender and silence.  Darkness, suffering, letting be and letting go.Franz Jaggerstatter (left) because war is a path to the heart
Via Creativa Autumn Earth -West  Inspired action, syncronicity, recreation, imagination, intuition creativity.  A feminine beingness for International Women's Day Kwan Yin / Greenwoman Brindle Style -Women
Via Transformativa working for social & economic  Justice and homeostasis (balance /sustainablility) Celebrating when people come together to enjoy one another and give thanks for the gifts and the power of being in harmony.

importantly ourselves, no politician will ever have the power to bring peace."

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