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Maiia Brindle

On an emotional and vibrational level, there is a mildly induced suggestibility or hypnosis that occurs during television viewing.  The inducement of a fake vulnerability, hopelessness, helplessness, anger, rage, and indignity into Our hearts and minds. Babies and children are especially vulnerable to TV/ Media BS and I don't mean Brindle Style. 

Better the Wise Monkey  Break Trance - The Dance


An easy example of linking, anchoring and repetition of ideas is tv in the home and the pitching of tobacco use during the 1970s.  Specifically the use of iconic Australian actor and comedian Paul Hogan. 


The marketing strategy was so effective, the Australian government had to step in and bring the massive and massively financially successful campaign - to a halt.  Such was the power of this pitch, that people really went out and physically purchased the product.  And you don't need a university degree and a royal commission to work out that Ugly associations - as on tobacco packets are not the reverse of previously learned behaviours. 



The campaign used good humour, good times, gender identity, class, power and status. Healthfullness, happiness and self-esteem - and linked all these qualities with smoking ( a particular brand) Targeting all ages, it launched with 'sophistication' - including a performance by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.  



The immensity of it - first -  an Australian government as existed in those days , is moved to act in the public interest- before that of industry - in banning the campaign.  Secondly - people were actually doing what they were programmed to by the television.  ( A 'new media' - at the time)

 Paul Hogan's third Crocodile Dundee movie while it's been likened to a croc of shit, still has international visitors thinking the character and settings are non-fiction. 



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