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Maiia Brindle



 A Shared Knowledge Community Many thanks to everyone who helps in the massive task of building THE Community Conversation. Your input is what provides us with the information that we use to identify key areas of need and useful insight into Creating and reCreating our content and direction.  


ABOUT US - is About You


  MANA TAMARIKI   Bud of Emerging Spring 


Syncronet Elders Forum & Master Training - Eliza Sellton B.SC, Dip Ed, MBTI Accred.

 CSyncronet - Cottage Industry Individualised Mastery Project and Professional Development Skills for Creative Industry.



Premodernism & Postcolonialism


 CONTENT GENERATION Whether you have a physical or a digital platform The Next Stage Our own media in our own hands.   MEDIA REFORM   

What our "Neighbours" really do.  News from the final frontiers of invasive colonialism- TROPICS of CAPRICORN  Cairns East  Mobile internet means no more out of sight out of mind! 


Her home in the remote Queensland town of Mossman was a haven for the Rainbow Tribe in the early days of doof - locals and the SUSTAINABLE TRAVELLER getting together around shared values to create and cocreate  The 73 year old installation artist Outsider Artist -Norma  - taking art to the streets.  

Crux Australis Te Punga - The Anchor or Southern Cross
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