Ngahau Davis - Te Rarawa Iwi Summit
Maiia Brindle

Navigating the existance and experience of simultaneously operating worldviews in a colonial society is perhaps made simpler with a background of mixed native and immigrant ancestory.  Maiia    Bio 


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Ngahau and Debbie Davis - The Tindall Foundation

   Te Rarawa Iwi Summit - He Anga Whakamua 

Community Led Community Consultation...


"The purpose of the Te Rarawa summit is to bring together a broad range of our Te Rarawa whānau and hapū to input into and critique the future direction for Te Rarawa.  Leading to stronger relationships between one another and the consolidation of a long term strategic direction and the development of a shared vision for the future."

Tino rangatiratanga  Māori flag, one which can be used to represent all Māori.


Highlights of a presentation (clip below) by Ngahau Davis of Moerewa - edited for relevance to a local audience in regional Australia and overseas where the same talk is happening, perhaps less eloquently or succinctly.





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