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"I have come to realise service to others is a fundamental human act." - Karl Dawson


Maiia Brindle         WALDEN'S POND Bringing HeART to Healing 


Maiia Brindle has maintained an interest in psychology and the trauma of war since 1970s, what we called The Vietnam era.    We first heard about PTSD* in 1991, family friend, former Senior Psychologist at Murdoch Uni', Executive Manager of Psychology Unit W.A Police etc  Michael Tunnecliffe  was then counselling war-veterans from Iraq - 'Operation Desert Storm.



 From Victim to Survivor - by Michael Tunnecliffe.  Artwork - Denam French.  

The tradition of cognitive and behavioural therapies is still considered best practise but as decades pass, anecdotal evidence of benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques continues to grow.  


The Quick Tap 

* -post traumatic stress disorder. "PTSD symptoms can follow any serious psychological trauma, such as exposure to combat, accidents, torture, disasters, criminal assault and exposure to atrocities or to the sequelae of such extraordinary events. Prisoners of war exposed to harsh treatment are particularly prone to develop PTSD. In their acute presentation these symptoms,include subsets of a large variety of affective, cognitive, perceptional, emotional and behavioral responses to gross psychological trauma." (wikipedia)


Gary Craig, Karl Dawson and Robert G. Smith the three kings of  Emotional Freedom


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