Waylon Marlons
CONTENT GENERATION  MEDIA REFORM  With a graciousness that tells of greatness artists like the Marsalis brothers and Carlos Santana - folk that empower and inspire wherever they travel, leave us with exceedingly high expectations of our international visitors.  Marlon Wayan's doesn't seem to realise this... Dr King Day Address - Wynton Marsalis
"Met some aborigines my mom used to always tell me about... Look like 4 versions of special Ed. Ol good hair niggas" - Marlon Wayans
PUBLICLY APOLOGISE MARLON WAYAN - Walk a mile in our shoes Waylon Marlins!  You wouldn't live long enough to BE an ignorant, old, fucka- schoolgirls would knock you out.   
Maiia:- "You aren't funny Waylon Jennings - I'll write you a PUNCH LINE more powerful than your '90s classic "suck my dick" - when I knock you out myself.  Maybe his world-view got small - 'cause he focus on his penis all day."
OR should we apologise for expecting the wit and eloquence of Dr King, Muhammed Ali and Wynton - that is kinda what REPRESENT means... 
"I'm not sure whether this 'Brindle Style' is not the worst case of cultural misappropriation in man and European history." Oscar Wilde  SUSTAINABLE TRAVELLER
"Take no notice not only is Maiia Bamboozled by American pseudo-culture at the best of times, she gets around in Wagontrain to Wilyacanya in 'white-face' pretend to be Russian.  Worse than that she doesn't even know if Baba Yaga IS Russian because she hasn't done her HOMEWORK.  Baba Yaga Says? "I told them say #TheQuakerGrannies did my homework for me."


How did Waylon Marlons manage to live over 40 with a mouth like that anyway...?   


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