"ANZAC Eve 24 April is where we remember ALL the victims of war.  Where we tell the truth about war." - Margaret Pestorius


 Anzac eve Peace Vigil 2013   Canberra Gathering at sunset on the top of Yuckenbruck-Mt Ainslie


People, hear the law 

of the seeds in your lament ––
Dark seeds in the fire
humming like a new song growing … 
–– from A Chorus of Women’s ‘Spirit Songs for Anzac Eve’


"Music co-ordinator, Johanna McBride, Chorus of Women 0402 050 885

Lantern master, Graeme Dunstan 0407 951 688


As we walk, sing, share stories and make ceremony together we remember that almost everyone in Australia has a family story of trauma and loss through war, including all our Indigenous peoples. 

As we all participate in kindling the Peace Fire we help to re-member what has been dis-membered.

Please note, we are using the Ngunnawal name Yuckenbruck for the mountain that Canberra people also call Mt Ainslie. In local Aboriginal traditions, Yuckenbruck is known as a women’s mountain." 


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