Community Consultaion

SOCIAL INNOVATION   Deliberative Democracy   Embedding public engagement in government 


CONTENT GENERATION Whether you have a physical or a digital platform -->  The Next Stage!



WALDEN'S POND Bringing heArt to Healing. 


Take time out to stop and reflect


Many thanks to everyone who has been in on the community conversation 2003 - 2015. This is what we have used to identify key areas of need and to inform, create and reCreate our content and direction. 


TROPICS of CAPRICORN the final frontiers of invasive colonialism.  Check out what our "Neighbours" really do. It is nothin' like Ramsey St at all.   Cairns East Mobile internet means that regional and remote communities are out of sight out of mind no longer! 



Our own media in our own hands - learn new skills on the job.  CONTENT GENERATION Write the press. Create your own digital media projects. Gain access to a network of support, credibility and good will.  Participate in projects contributing to social and economc vitality.   MEDIA REFORM  THE PEACE ROOM  



CONTENT GENERATION learn job skills and be part of the  community conversation.  Build up your network of support, credibility and good will.  By participating in projects contributing to your own community's economc vitality.  Write the press, create digital media projects.

Deliberative Democracy   Embedding public engagement in government






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