Branford Marsalis
Branford Marsalis is still spoken of as an ambassador of the American people on the Murri Grapevine, lunch at Joe Geia's house with Drewz an them in Melbourne' back on the Sting tour.  LOl - Round here that's bigger than Grammy awards.  Cool though the Marsalis family has bagged a few of them too.
Not market creations  MARSALIS MUSIC
Buckshot Le Fonque CD's were so good I ended up checkin' out what else goes on... 
2007 - Maiia: Chatting in the now defunct Branford Marsalis forum over a couple of years - I was  met ideas and perspectives I have not found in Australia -or N.Z for that matter.  LOL!   The musicians are a better ambassador than the politicians - just not as well paid.
HABITAT FOR HUMANITY    The Musicians Village is rearin' along.  That amazing address by Wynton at the return to school after Hurricane Katrina.

Apparently jazz uses both sides of the brain, the left does the logic and math, the right gets creative with it.  LOL- and now they have studies to prove it.  Plus they often end up having to get tertiary level education to be viable in the market-place.




"A good jazz band is the perfect example of participatory democracy."  Dave Liebman  (another sax player/educator) Cairns music student Mike Rivett visits the masters in New York. In Japan.

Maraslis Music Honours - Alvin Batiste.   (May he rest in peace)

"New Orleans, Batiste has a special appreciation for the city’s artistic heritage. He describes the inclusive New Orleans’ culture as a "model for global civilization" with jazz at its center."


Buckshot le Fonque -


Some Cow Fonque;   Music Evolution Or   Breakfast at Denny's are  tracks from the Buckshot Le Fonque project which  goes from style to style while maintaining a cohesive sense.  You could play it to the whole family and everyone would find something.



I'm not sure about using this clip above (respecting copyright but it was a popular hit and introduces us to Frank McComb (vocals)




Branford Marsalis Quartet below. A Love Supreme 'Acknowledgement' - (John Coltrane)

Branford Marsalis (ts)
Joey Calderazzo (p)
Eric Revis (b)
Jeff Watts (ds



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