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"Live with peace power and passion.  Access our biggest asset – the mind, to create the life you deserve and desire to live.  The E’-sys thesis explains the mechanics of consciousness through the observing transformer – you here and now".  - Tim Tettenborn
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Create a new reality.  Tools, tips and techniques to take life tothe next level.  Apply ancientwisdom backed up by 
Tim Founder of trueheart
modern science.  Energy flows where attention goes...    A=E=Mc2 Energy

• How awareness creates physical evidence that reflect belief systems 
• How to take charge of the thinking process by being aware and mindful 
• How to be mindful –the system-  
• What thoughts really are and how mind mechanics works 
• How to program the subconscious mind to be synergetic
'Energy systematics'  is a new door opening to 'hands on educational experiencing'.  In creating a loyal client member base Tim realised that there is a growing demand for smart
programs - problem dissolving tools that can lead to life transforming journeys  
Time     =    Surf’s Up

• How to take control of time by using your brain frequencies  
• How yoga mediation and conscious breathing will put you in the driver’s seat  
• How to find balance even in stressful situation using the body-mind connection 
• Why yoga and meditation is key to a life of peace power and passion   
 Little balls of matter - The slit experiment    
Live rewards Action    =    live with peace power and passion
• Why actions are more powerful that thoughts 
• How yoga and meditation will assist to close the gap of interconnectedness
 • How consciousness or observation changes atomic events that alter reality 
• Why observation without evaluations is key to a happy life experience  
• How to apply mindfulness and “channel” energy into the right experience
 Stress    =   aware – attach - ignore
• How stress develops and the long term effects of stress to the body and mind 
• How attachment generates unhappiness and suffering 
• Why meaning and self image can contribute to suffering and misery  
• What happens to reality when stress is ongoing 
• Trueheartsmart Modules and Packages  



 100 Day Reality Challenge  Vision Board  Elevator Pitch   Healthy Happy & Wise  Self Determination

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