Warm up - More
Preparation and Practise is key.  Warming Up 
Get to know your own voice - gain skill, power, freedom you won't know you have until after you do the learning and which adds up to gaining greater confidence.  
Some performers are so nervous they actually throw up.  Aretha, Bowie, Cher, Clapton the list is amazing. Johnny Depp, Michael Jackson.  They don't let it stop them.  Nicole Kidman, Winston Churchill, Oprah, Lawrence Olivier, Newton, Freud, and T

esla, the list goes on.  (according to the internet) From Abraham Lincoln to the poet Yeats there is pretty much an A to Z of famous people who suffer from anxiety - though you may not know it from observing them at work.
Apologies - I have no idea now where I got that list of people from now.  
Facebook seems a quick easy way to share information.  The more you interact with the pages or joing discussion groups -  the more visible you become within the network.  It also because this a service station not a product - we can at this stage personalise which information we post - to suit your individual needs.
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