Voice - Warm Up

Maiia BrindleThe fallas on TV study and train for years.   They practise and rehearse   more...Behind the fluency is hours and hours of preparation. Eveyone can benifit from learning a bit about voice production and breath work. 


There are lots of muscles behind quality voice production. The more skillful the scriptwriters and the actor the more magical the fiction appears.  And then there is singing...


For two or three generations television had a prominent role in the Australian home.  Which has a profound influence on perceptions of voice and communication qualities and abilities.   Tuesday - Presentation


 Wow- we haven't updated this page for two years... lots has changed.  The amount of available resources online has multiplied manyfold... last time I actually researched was vhs video era... Bill Pepper was the man.  


Aussie Vocal Coach - Ian Castle is the first person we came up with at google... number two was Hillsong 


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