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As the charioteer must take command of the horses, if the cart is not to go arse up in a ditch.  Thankfully it is also possible to learn how to take command of our thoughts.  To be responsible for much of what happens in our life by actively becoming more aware of what we are doing with our mind.  It's possible to become more conscious. More present and proactive. Seeking ways to grow wiser, more constructive and more creative.


Neural pathways are constantly being formed and reformed in our brain so we can - when we choose to, move away from fear, repetition and stagnation and gain greater autonomy and peace. 


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Maiia Brindle

On a personal level habits or patterns are made up of our daily thoughts, that are repeated over and over again. Words to Look Out For and Eliminate  It is possible to have dozens even hundreds or thousands of repetitive unhelpful or even destructive thoughts each and every day. Our inner daily dialogue.  Back in the day we used to call them tapes playing - as in casette tapes running in the background of our mind.  Thankfully we can choose what we put in our mind firstly and secondly we can MANAGE out thinking itself.


Habits may be positive and creative like using good manners, greetings and civility.  Creative in the sense that these habitual behaviours bring us rewards like making friends and supportive a pleasant environment to work in.


Habitual patterns of behaviour may be destructive like cultures of verbal and physical abuse or when it gets comletely out of hand and becomes organised abuse - WAR.  Patterns of powerlessness and helplessness and feelings of defeat allow cycles of abuse to continue generation upon generation. These habits, patterns and cycles may be called social norms or in the context of this website -intergenerational transferrance.    


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Learn how to create boundaries and set limits with others.  First we learn to recognise what our own real feelings and thoughts are with self-esteem, and self respect.   Its not only possible to develop skills to say NO!  It is important.


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