Banner for Events

Create your own artwork for community events.  It needn't be an expensive process  either...  Solar Eclipse 2012                Make a Banner for a community eventritsky.JPG

There's A Ribbon In the Sky      Hey Day Festival 2012 we're gonna recycle a donated curtain. 3 hours to paint, stencil, sew, and glue found objects to make banner for a community event.            Green Economy Green Economy - Global Footprint- Global Footprint                 Heyday Festival

 The Peace Room               

Incorporate the use of recycled materials in your creative industries practise.     Reduce Costs.  Reduce Waste.   Innovate.  Social Innovation     



  Make a clip
Content GenerationCreate, develop,distribute a meme, theme, brand or product line for yourself, a community group or not for profit organisation.  Build a supportive framework of community



   THE PEACE ROOMevelop and pro
mote your Dcottage industry, small business or service       Collaborative Production 

Rethinking resource exploitation, management and redistribution that ties neatly with our national campaign to rethink industrial practices on the large scale



 Reuse & Recycle


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