Social Innovation Dialogue
The Work Experience - LiveLet's get real about education, innovation, creativity, productivity & employment.     An artists sketchbook @   TROPICS of CAPRICORN 
Maiia Brindle

Justice is made manifest as families go about day & destiny undisturbed by repression & injustice.  Help us realise a culture of wellbeing, release the ball and chain of European industrial thinking and it's American derivatives


"SOCIAL INNOVATION: is working out what is going on through communication between as many people in as many fields of interest and endeavour as possible. Innovation usually comes from evolving existing ideas, rather than being truly new. Forming productive relationships through conversation, shared knowledge and life experience, help us to find solutions for weak organisational systems and reform them. SCHOOL OF ARTS


VisionBoard    Healthy Wealthy & Wise Healing the Problem    We caught up with Debbie and  Ngahau Davis  in 2009 - early days of the social media revolution. Since then it's been interesting to observe the parrallels in community development, and communication, between Moerewa and Cairns.

What happens if we look at a community  through a lense of the 100 Day Challenge






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