Journey Man


Carving out priceless passages

Between rocks and hard places

The Great River flows.


Complexity, simplicity, 

Rising and falling

Waxing and wanning

Accomplished hands making shadows soar and sing

The Rainbow bird upon it's wing.

Journeying and storytelling,


Essence of mind.  Fortune favours the bold.

Many stringed, multi-faceted instrument.

Baby Grand.  White notes, black notes.   

Blue notes.  The time is now 



Guardians of the trees and gentle waters unite

Guaradians of super human lengths

Presence, dark windy day of tumult.  


The dross and discard,

of the clowns folk.

As throw down their masks  

Anchored yet drifting.  Lost and found.


A story of Care

Bigger than Ned Kelly

Bigger even than Henry Lawson


They scrabble and peck.



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