Healing the Problem

Season Ten - A Decade of Brindle Style Artists Forum About Us


Social Innovation Indigenous lands of the equator hold significant keys to global dialogue on futures. The new paradigm and the technological era meets the spectre invasive colonialism. AND the elder paradigm. An internet shapshot of economics, social Justice and wholistic solutions for balance across the wild frontier. Healthy Wealthy & Wise    100 Day Challenge  


Hullo from Tropics of Capricorn, regional and recent city of Cairns. An amazing colonial town/ contrivance/ hot-housed urban development project. There are numerous ideas besides harvesting the earth and communities, and pandering to archaiic machinations of past century. Reuse & Recycle Social entrepreneurship and rethinking resources. Bringing power to community after globalism,or 2nd wave colonialism.Social Innovationdialogue.  We have a local knowledge base relevant to a new century.   Content Generation   


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