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Monday - Organise   Tuesday - Represent  Wednesday - Quality  Thursday Manage   Friday - Support


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  Let's get real about education, innovation, productivity, creativity and employment.  For whether you're Rupert Murdoch or Rupert the Bear - common principles apply despite media forms, systems and technologies.   Let's utilise the tools along with imagination and the ordinary human capacity for wisdom, discrimination, mercy, generosity and good will toward a brave new paradigm of social, economic and restorative justice, human dignity and Nonviolence.  


Syncronet  Master Training 


A Community Conversation   


There are a many ways to deliver a media strategy. 


Remember Word of mouth - where you walk about talking real things up.


Deliver flyers by bicycle to community noticeboards and shop windows.


Building a Website or social media campaign.


One: Contribute to the Development of Marketing and Media Strategies


Friday - Peer Support



Assist in Creating and Implementing a Real media Strategy.  Develop a meme, theme, brand or product line for business.   

Tropics of Capricorn Indigenous lands hold significant keys to global dialogue on futures.

  The walls of Cairns Central were hauled into place like a 21st C Trojan Horse. Local Business


CREATE A VISIONBOARD for greater ClaritY Refinement your VISION 


  Healthy Happy & Wise - is vision of a whole Community.  SOCIAL INNOVATION DIALOGUE



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