The Peace Room
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Let's get REAL about education, innovation, productivity, creativity & employment. A transdisciplinary fellowship of concerned citizen journalists, creative industries workers, artists and activists with a drive for systemic change.


Maiia Brindle's art is a beacon in the night sky like the Southern Cross helping those sailing on the seas of the southern hemisphere to navigate their way to a sustainable future.  Her paintings help us percieve the nature of reality or the reality of nature and the tranquility of the Buddha mind. 

Graeme Dunstan"Turn off the tv sets.  Turn towards kindness. Turn to friends who are kind to you and help extend that kindness to others. Speak up and speak out about your fears and concerns. Be visible and be heard. Make art together. Occupy public space and public imagination. Build community. Build resistance. Community resistance. Sustainable resistance.  For the Earth!" The AQUARIUS Festival   

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