Vision Board

   Brindle Style - Vision Boarding


Have you thrown your New Years Resolutions in the bin?  Well dust 'em off an' get back out again!  It's always New Year somewhere. So keep on keeping on! One day at a time. 


A community visioning project with Cairns West Community Centre - Healthy Happy & Wise

Australian Cocreator Megan Castran visionboarded Oprah visiting her house in Sydney. clip below


Bringing heart to healing Brindle Style - Walden's Pond   A community and a culture of wellbeing.  Reconnect with nature and spirit. Qualities and strategies for peace and Self Determination 



Co-Creating Our Reality 100 Day Challenge  is a global community putting the law of attraction and other universal laws to the test.

Participants begin by declaring what they want to attract with FOUCUS into their lives over the next 100 days. Visionboarding is a great way to gain clarity of thought.  Results include cars, new careers, business partners, money and of course- parking spots. Most of all, participants claim a significant increasein confidence, energy, support and clarity. 




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