Robert G Barrett

 2007Robert Barrett drew an lively, excited and happy crowd into the Cairns Library.  It was particularly interesting to hear him mention our favourite subject at Brindle Style. Finding an Earn it Arts   

Barrett told of the perils of working in creative industries, with a great yarn about well known country singer Gina Jeffries seeing her own hit song playing on the TV... while standing in the dole queue.


His tip for budding writers was that while it's not impossible to make a quid from writing - it is going to take a LOT of work.


Robert Barrett (1942 2012) - is a legendary Australian writer who sold over a million books most of them about the adventures of the fictional character and Aussie larrikin Les Norton.  Audiobook excerpt- You Wouldnt be Dead For Quids - by Robert G Barrett


How everyone loved to read about Jacko's Blues Bar in Goodoo Goodoo.  Bob's Website   - these sites are currently running at half mast - hopefully they will be reinstated.


"Writing Goodoo Goodoo started out a complete shitfight. It was supposed to be called something else and I intended setting it in Cape York and Thursday Island. I had this idea nutted out about Norton’s sister being abducted by a bunch of religious fanatics. There’d be gun running, fauna smuggling, sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, whatever, and it would all end at a place called Chilli Beach."


Media Reform  Maiia: Mahogany Jack - Best yarn of the same era

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