Genocide One?
Maiia Brindle

What I call the bottle neck is where heaps of energy, budget, and drive is put into a project or system... but you look at it 5 years later and it was hot air.  When ye canny, or when you have strong community relationships, you can spot that hot air talk and let it pass by heading in the wrong direction, the wind beneath your


TROPICS of CAPRICORN - On my news desk the last couple of years has been the Paradox of The Bottleneck.  Maiia visual artist  CAIRNS INDY-MEDIA 

The Peace Room

The outcome of this idea of a bottleneck in Australia is what we call The Gap.  A term generally used to indicate failures in building healthy relationships to support services and support to self determination for Indigenous Community. I'm just gonna use it in general regarding how this bottleneck is, from it's roots up classist, discriminatory, outdated and problematic.


 In this context TROPICS of CAPRICORN the mentality it would be good to bypass is the inevitability of creating of an underclass.  It is a repurcussion of history.  And it's really quite obvious.  By using a European American derived framework the only possible outcomes is the same bull shit we've witnessed as history.  The sheer mass of large governace is by it's own nature unweildy and flawed from the outset.   



AIt's part of the very fabric of the non-indigenous worldview.  It is the intergeerational transferance of structure of a colonial society.  Of course we're past that, but for all this technology seems no easier to communicate with head office.

Theres talk about the importance of community consultation - and there is an absolute backlash of evidence that it does not work.  It works as long as there is no real - autonomy - as long as there is no right to say NO!
There is a stream of witness as to how there is a lack of real dialogue where the outdated wheels and machinations of industry reign.

Generation One: End Indigenous Disadvantage



The biggest humbug of the lot at community level seems to be Western Australia.  Where the folks are saying... hang on a minute... just like we do on the fringe of a small contrived urban community like Cairns.


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