Brindle Style Becomes a Teenager
Maiia Brindle


What Does it even Mean? - to be Australian?  


The value of locally generated indy-media was very apparent by 1984 as citizens become aware of the wrecking ball of globalism destroying the heart and leaving only remnants and facades of the Australian capital cities.

Modeled on the Gisborne Photo News (1954) Brindle Style  in 2003 decided to take a leap of faith with Tim Berners Lee and his 'read write web' The positive response to the  Community Consultation was loud and proud. 



Season Fourteen: The Light Heart   HUMOUR


Canada is to the U.S as New Zealand is to Aussie.  Whitefallas seem to function better in a cold climate.  Like parsnips.

From horse and cart straight on to the information super highway. From the stone age and the stoner age, to the new age and the brave new world of global villages, communication and information technology.    Media Reform    Net Neutrality   


 Community Conversation A man on every microphone, every direction, every platform. Dominating every stage, every time, and in both tory and liberal camps, just like in Wellington, just like the socialists. Making it easy to forgo the stale offerings of the commercial print and broadcast bill 'o' fare/fear


Maiia  I arrived from Aotearoa to find the New Zealand voice was far too far out for Australia.  The mainstream media was terrifying - 30 years on now it's a bit of a sorry walk down memory lane to recall the intimidation, racism and the weird sexism of the era and the dominant culture.  As a woman of both native and immigrant heritage it was a shock - yet beneath it all there is a real and valuable Community Conversation 
SOCIAL INNOVATION is part of any faith walk and it runs in the family.   Left  Mum Norma Rolfe (R.I.P) - Spiritual  leader and Maori elder.  For me as a youth there were many great local Maori to look up to in political 
and public life.  The local Indigenous voice is vitality, bringing mana to national Identity.                Ngahau and Debbie Davis 







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