Ray of Sunshine



Bringing heArt to Healing THE LUMINATI at WALDEN'S POND



MANA TAMARIKI  Youth Forums Inspired by East, the dawn and the tropics. Inspired by two little girls, Tiger-Lily and Summer Rain. Inspired by the light and life of tropical Australia. Four paths to reconnect with spirit and destiny in a population with perpetual grief and a tourist facade. For all the parents and grandparents and siblings and friends grieving the loss of loved ones. Help Lines & Services


via Positiva Awe, wonder, amazement, joy, youth. Write your own story, your own adventure with imagination - into the scene, the stage, the potential presented by the canvas burgeoning abundant tropical Life.
via Negativa Reflection and Contemplation.  We used the symbolism of Franz Jaggerstatter (left) because war is for millions of people - the path of the via negativa.  Loss, grief, surrender and silence, the via negativa too can also leads us to the heart of creativity, and inspired action.  Henry Thoreau went to live in the bush for two years to leave behind worldly ways, to connect through personal experience with nature with Life WALDEN'S POND    Darkness, sorrow, suffering, silence, letting be and letting go. 

 via Creativa WORKING FOR JUSTICE The path of inspired action, syncronicity, intuition in creation and recreation. Community Conversation   CONTENT GENERATION
via Transformativa Change happens through working for social & economic Justice. Homeostasis (balance /sustainablility) and celebrating when people come together to enjoy one another and give thanks for the gifts and the power of being in harmony and community. 
The Art of Meditation

 Via Transformativa    Via Positiva    Via Negativa   Via Creativa

Self-time is vital.  As a croc disappears into the river some times for months even an entire year - we all need time out to renew and refresh the spirit. Avoid burnout and stay strong through grief trauma and crisis.  



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