Via Transformativa


Ray Of Sunshine


There is a beingness, a connectedness to life that may be understood only through direct experience. The connection of which I speak may be called biophyllia (love of life) it is personal, it is profound. It is undeniable.


Homeostasis (balance/sustainablility)  - The path of the Via Transformativa is working for social and economic Justice  It celebrates when people join in harmony, to enjoy one another give thanks for the gifts and the power of friendship as well as kinship.


Transformation In spiritual darkness too - moonlight appears...


Inner Transformation and Outward Manifestation

Transforming base metals into gold is a literalisation of a psychological process of becoming whole and healthy what Jung termed  individuation.  

Folk across the street, across oceans, across time, have essence values, linking us on Common ground, Solid Ground, Higher Ground, even Sacred Ground.


Brindle Style - SCHOOL OF ARTS   "




Welcome to
 the studio of Editor and originator at BRINDLE STYLE ARTISTS NETWORK
 - Maria Lesely Tonks.  Rather than existing at the expense of the people involved, Brindle Style uses a relational approach to community led IndyMedia. Prioritising forums for the voice of YoutSYNCRONET


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