Via Positiva
  • Do not be distracted by that which is being illuminated. Look at the light itself -Narcissus Quagliata

     Awe, wonder, delight, amazement. Joy.  

    There is a beingness, a connectedness that may be understood only through experience.  Personal, profound, undeniable.  Connection to Gaiia biophyllia (love of life)

    The four directions East. Dawn for TigerLily and Summer Rain. To write their own story, to write their own adventure with imagination into the scene, the stage, the potential presented by this canvas and burgeoning abundant Life.

    Joy laughing aloud watching a terrier play ball.  Leaping like a gazelle, racing free and natural, the most fun a dog could have. 

    The via Positiva, instinctive delight. Awe, the stars on a clear night, an immense universe, they say if you look in a telescope there are even more stars up there.   More universes, more wonders... yet strangely my experience of telescope is not so much a zoom as a spotlight.

                  Wonderous Tropical Birds by Roger Scaglia Global Beat

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