Via Positiva



THE LUMINATI at WALDEN'S POND - Bringing HeArt to Healing. 



 A Celebration of Life


SPRING - Fire - The Strong Heart with MANA

TAMARIKI  Youth Forums.  As inspired by the four directions East. By the dawn and the tropics. As inspired by two little girls Tiger-Lily and Summer Rain. The light and the life of tropical Australia.  


Write your own story, your own adventure with imagination - into the scene, the stage, the potential presented by the canvas, burgeoning abundant tropical Life


 SPRING is in the air!  
butterfly animation light blue

There is a beingness, a connectedness that is understood only through our own lived experience.

Personal, profound, undeniable.  Biophyllia - the love of life.


Spring is represented in arts symbolism as DAWN.  The four directions East and the element of FIRE.  Youth, promise, potential, beginnings, Joy, laughing aloud watching the game. Running, leaping, free and naturally joyous.  via Positiva Awe, wonder, amazement. 


SOCIAL INNOVATION  A Shared Knowledge Community with Elijah Ignatieff
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