5. Personal Support

Maiia Brindle

Whanau is Magic... 




One of our main goals at Brindle Style - SCHOOL OF ARTS is to keep you from burning out.  This program is for those with stamina... fact is creative industries demands 150% - more energy than ordinary people have.    100 Percent Solid


Friday is for taking it easy, mucking round and tying off loose ends.  It must be  strong for these are the threads in the tapestry of your life that you are weaving.   


So it sounds like Auntie has the bad mathematics 150% energy required.  However teamwork (whanau) is magic - a power place.  On Fridays not only do we tidy up the loose ends we also do revision feedback and follow up.  Socially and strategically.




Post-colonial, pre-modern, home-made and hand-crafted learning.  An internet snapshot of economics, social Justice, and wholistic solutions for balance across the wild frontier.  


  Feed back, evaluation and coaching for projects.   Revision for continuous improvement.


Self-Directed Workplace Thinking      Self Determination 


Syncronet -  Master Training with Eliza Sellton  


Cocreating our Reality  is an excellent platform for exploring personal and professional development


100 Day Challenge Commence -19th July 2012. What happens as we apply it across a community

       Peace by Peace - Skillshare     

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