100 Percent



CONTENT GENERATION - Sometimes working for free makes for a good community based 

Maiia Brindle

traineeship.  Sometimes it is exploitation. 


Bringing 100 % to a job of work includes professional conduct and standards.   Including elaments of moral and social obligation. Work & Place Health & Safety


In a workplace, a creative works within a structure with an alotted time frame and a budget. In visual arts and digital media, time and budget still are major considerations when you are strategising.

 Monday - Organisation    Risk Management   Risks of Arts


In a digital scenario constraints of budget and time are sometimes reduced, by the tools of technology.  They still need to be factored into project planning to maximise viability.  Arts workers of all levels of professional development will find they are expected to work for free. Avoid Burnout and Reduce Stress -  WALDEN'S POND


In restoration painting, there are occasions where you can see the skill-level of the painter and can tell what they would have done given extra time and a larger budget given their level of skillfulness.  You can see the limitations that are involved in doing paid work.


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