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North Queensland is on a parallel with Tanzania and Bolivia and Madagascar!!  With Brazil and the amazon. 

"Let's Get Real About Education, Innovation, Productivity, Creativity and Employment." 






Project and Professional Development Skills for Creative Industry  



Brindle Style was on Yidinji Country when this topic came up in 2009.   We were based on the southern hemisphere Tropics of Capricorn one of the most remote areas left on the planet. North Queensland as it's called is on a parallel with Tanzania and Bolivia and Madagascar!!  With Brazil and the amazon. The Industrial Revolution never occured here. FREEKONOMICS we call it  series of link for those who are interested in all things CREATIVE and Productive.  Who are interested in pushing back against employment and the basics of business for Cottage Industry as it pans out in towns and villages everywhere


FREEKONOMICS as we called it was basically links to all things entreprenurial and basic industrialisation for Cottage Industry as it panned out in towns all over  


Most artists need clarity and structure. Ha - and the better ones may be in need of a lot of clarity and a lot of structure. That's a full time job right there. 


  A decade on though from when this page was written and employment is even more complex than just a few whacky ones out on the fringes inventing machines, writing code and 


  Brindle Style - LEARNING  Project and Professional Development Skills


Is any of what you are doing do all day FINISHED? Valuable? BUYABLE? Tradeable.


GET to JOB DONE! Was a primary school age excercise in basic entrepreneurship. 

Design and potentially implement creating a job and getting paid.


  Task Orientation


Monday - Organisation  Organise HOW you're going GET to - Job Done. 


Knocking Off Work it may seem an odd place to start.  But it isn't.  


HEALTH & SAFETY  Maintainance, safety and cleaning is everyones responsibility. 


Overview Skills for Project, Professional & Personal Development   


1.  Elements of Organisation  Goal Setting Systems and strategy.  Time Management etc.  Define, refine, clarify & determine your vision, goals & dreams - create a   Vision BoardBrindle Style - Vision BoardingHealthy Wealthy and Wise


Another way to improve direction and focus is the 100 Day Reality Challenge   "A global community (125 countries) of co-creators committed to manifesting the highest vision for our lives and our world."   

2.  Present & Communicate practise and performance

Make your own content.  The Elevator Pitch - Create a digital Resume...


3.  Create Narrative Values and Quality, Create Substance Depth  Narrative  


4.  Enterprise and Home-based Business:        The Entrepreneur Ship   Ethics; Innovation;


5.  Personal Support     Mentoring. Feedback for Individualised Mastery.


Syncronet - Master Training 


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