Self-directed Workplace Thinking


  Brindle Style - LEARNING  Project Development


 Some Industrial era thinking, processes and skills are essential.

Even in a New Paradigm. 


Most artists need clarity and structure. Ha - and the better ones may need a lot of clarity and a lot of structure. That's a valuable service right there.


Is any of what you are currently doing do all day FINISHED? Valuable? BUYABLE? Tradeable.  GET to JOB DONE! Even in the slim-line, pared down, fleet of foot year of the moneky framework of a technological era.     Task Orientation


Monday - Organisation  Organise HOW you're going GET to - Job Done. 


Knocking Off Work it may seem an odd place to start.  But it isn't.  


HEALTH & SAFETY  Maintanance, safety and cleaning is everyones responsibility. 


Overview Skills for Project, Professional & Personal Development   


1.  Elements of Organisation  Goal Setting Systems and strategy.  Time Management etc.  Define, refine, clarify & determine your vision, goals & dreams - create a   Vision BoardBrindle Style - Vision BoardingHealthy Wealthy and Wise


Another way to improve direction and focus is the 100 Day Reality Challenge   "A global community (125 countries) of co-creators committed to manifesting the highest vision for our lives and our world."   

2.  Present & Communicate practise and performance

Make your own content.  The Elevator Pitch - Create a digital Resume...


3.  Create Narrative Values and Quality, Create Substance Depth  Narrative  


4.  Enterprise and Home-based Business:        The Entrepreneur Ship   Ethics; Innovation;


5.  Personal Support     Mentoring. Feedback for Individualised Mastery.


Syncronet - Master Training 


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