The Crew

The Green Room: The challenge is working without a budget.  Working with left-overs, donations and recycled items.  5 days to create a flexible, inspiring space from a garden shed by building on what is already there. 


A rainbow collaboration of random individuals, tones, materials and notes, representing the shared culture of the Four Seasons and community celebration.  Building relationships of  understanding 

between northern and southern hemisphere through creating together.

  Maiia: Self-Determination  Youth is of it's own nature a beautiful thing. It was great to meet and be inspired by a new generation of community creators coming to Cairns from all around the world.  

Caitlin Bradley, Heather Bigalla, Hiromi Nakagawa, Feraliza, Mark, Jerry, Chris Cropp, Billy French, Maiia Lisa Wilson, Guillame and  his brother and others not disincluding the chickens and the golden orbs.


 The GreenRoom     Digger Street Arts Health Safety & Risk 


  Social Innovation  Reuse & Recycle   Risk and Arts  

Walden's Pond  A stepping stone toward making post-trauma 
psychology a household 
practise and a military objective.

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