Rainbow Meditation...

 They say light is made up of the seven rainbow colours - prismatic refraction


Cross Cultural Colour Connotations...


Chakra qualities         Maslow Needs       Rainbow               Lord's Prayer                    Chakras       Art Concepts


Divine Wisdom                                   -Violet                    Our Father Mother               Crown          Kings and Queens

Intuition                   Intuition               - Dark Blue           That art in Heaven             Third Eye       

Self- Expression     Self-actualisation     Light Blue          Hallowed be- thy name            Throat          Communication

Heart                       Wholeness                Green              Thy Kingdom - Come              Heart                Nature

Will- Power                Belonging                Yellow                Thy Will - Be done            Solar Plexus           

Fertility                     Safety                    Orange                     On Earth                       Naval         

Passion                      Survival                  Red                       As in Heaven                   Base           passion Instinct



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