"The gift, the ultimate tool has always been within you, your heart is an extraordinary gift, that once awakened beyond the mind controlling it has all the answers all the wisdom of the universe." Kira Raa Bridging Heaven & Earth                            Rainbow Painting Resolves... New Years Eve 2009  - Transformation


The EARLY WORK was trying to be flat 2 dimensional - which is actually harder to do than it may sound. 

Rainbow Madonna  and Rainbow Bird but this one explores the rainbow as 3D, not flat linear or hierarchal but robust, alive and dimensional.    This piece explores the European cultural narrative in symbolism and mythology, - but from a Southern Hemisphere position.  Pandora's Box is powerful traditonal tale, with the star of Hope.  The star as a symbol is like the crucifix in the Christian traditions, the Southern Cross down here - the Eureka Sockade. Symbolising compass and navigation...


I try to interpret and make sense of the what these traditions felt a need to say -it always comes back to the heart is the centre of wisdom 01 /01 /10 -   John Trudell- Pandora's Box 

Maiia: The Pandora bits mucked up the design -  I  painted the box and the evils fly out and Hope the star remains... but it never resolved as a visual narrative even with 7 years of meditation...

Trudell says  - its cause it was 'a box of evils'  - not a box of Evils - plus Hope


(Right) - I had the earth in the centre, but blue - which although it was logical -didnt work, it needed the green centre for nature, ecology and the heart.  So while this is also an early work - it meets up with the other later Green work... that was completed, while this one sat of to one side - not right...  Greenman,  Green Woman,  Green Youth; Green Knight,  Green Dragon   Greenham Common Women  Green Joke  Green-Washing  more Green Stuff....


The star of hope is represented by the four large blue, four-petaled flowers and the whole Pandora story with a blue centre just won't tie in with the rainbow. 


So the star of Hope becomes a symbol of navigation - our moral and spiritual compass.  Getting directions, knowing where we are.  Our identity, and getting things sorted not by hope but by action.

All that remains of the box is a messy line and of the evils messy flowers that dont work -lol

Doing the mathfor the reasoning mind... yellow relates to action, courage and strength - and it so ties, if we take the green energy, honour our hearts desire as our basis, as our foundation for action and then carry on up the chakras - all will be well - the violet of divine wisdom would be on our hearts and our crown chakra would be yellow with our will power - the Divine or Universal Will Power!       


Rainbow Meditation

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