Bridging Heaven & Earth pic
 Maiia: Manned by volunteers, this show's been going about 15 years.  The past two years    they've created 
focal point, building a healing art project.  
Bridging Heaven and Earth is the theme. 
   - The Healing Art





Coming out of Santa Barbara California  Season 19 Now Filming     The Videos
There's no competition, no judging, no age or experience required.  Set the intention to explore and manifest a concept most people probably don't use every day.
Maiia - I get to work with these sorts of ideas every day - but it's wonderful to have a deliberate goal, to approach the work with an impetous, knowing what I'm doing but not what the finished piece will be.  
We end up with a 4 part moveable mandala with no set form.  Like a jigsaw the pieces can be arranged by the viewer, and they say more than one thing.
I guess I see the two main possibilities are using using the interchangeable centre pieces.  If they're heaven and earth i couldn't really say which is which, because there is a duality there but again there is the Oneness the Bridging Show host speaks about.
There's a bold centre and a more subtle one.  We love the pizzazz of life, all that glitters, so there's hints of gold in the work. yet it's not confined - the gold, the pizzazz, the life spirit is everywhere. 
in another arrangement the plain centre, the natural spirit in simple harmony is as fine as any glitter.
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