First Things First
The Art of Meditation
 WALDEN'S POND   As an injured croc disappears into the river some times for months even an entire year - we all will at some points in our lives need time out to renew and refresh the spirit. Walden's Pond bringing heart to healing.  Avoid burnout and stay strong through grief, trauma and crisis.  Information, tools, techniques   Help Lines Organisations & Services - 
"We're here and this is now"  Vimes understood this to mean in less exalted copper      speak, that you have to do the job that is in front of you."  - Terry Pratchett - The Night Watch



  Self-Determination     Social Norms    SOCIAL INNOVATION  THE EMPORIUM   


Do what you can, with what you have. Years ago I was blessed by an old woman with the biggest smile through a beautiful joy filled, but yet, busted-up face. She said  . Despite ALL THAT. Such a paradox -what an alchemist. @ the peace that passes all understanding.


The warrior navigates with a moral and emotional compass.  Surrendering outcome, directing or attempts to understand...   The Anchor    Groundation.


"A peace not of consequences but an individual peace for every human being on the face of this earth. People want to stop wars, conflicts, but nobody addresses the individual —from where peace has to begin."  P.Rawat
 A yacht parked here in Cairns at one stage...- "Mea Culpa" (My Culpability/guilt)                      
...what a strange name and a funny attitude baby-boomer success/prosperity, surely a matter of pride on many levels- NZ boat-building craftsmanship, the successful pursuit of dreams... inspiring things...

  VOLUNTARY SIMPLICITY          Pride - Peacock

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