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Middle-class western women have the privilege of serving the revolution, not of directing it. The ideological battles the feminist theorists are engaging are necessary but they are a preliminary to the emergence of female power, which will not flow decorously out from the universities or from the consumerist women's press."  Germaine Greer




Every day is a good day to celebrate the sacred feminine. Bringing HeART to Healing with Brindle Style School of Arts - Project and Professional Development Skills for Creative Industry.  WALDEN'S POND  - 


DSCF4813 Jodie Cockatoo Creed 429

"We use to laugh and kid each other continually. Today I can go a day without laughing out loud. Laughing all the time to never?"  - Elijah Ignatieff - School of Conscious Communication (Canada) 


Nonviolence Skillshare    Let's get REAL about education, innovation, productivity, creativity & employment.  From horse & cart straight on to the information super highway.  From the stone age and the stoner age to the new age. 


SEASON 14 The Light Heart Incorporate Humour in Your Work  


The Via Creativa

Through a Community Conversation a massive Cultural Mapping with Cairns Indy-Media (2003 - 2015) we have produced a cocreation model that enables individuals and neighbourhoods to build workplace and market values into everyday life.  SCHOOL OF ARTS

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