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Maiia: Who'da thought the wild child of folk, rock; cynicism and rebellion, would become a recognised art-form.    Who'da thought Iggy and the Stooges would join the Ramones, The Clash and the Sex Pistols in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.    


gotta love Cairns own Meat Bikini... an incarnation of Bleeding Jelly Eyes.   Mofo's first Birthday

The Age Newspaper:  HERE are two clues to surviving rock'n'roll for four decades: 1) Never give up your day job;  2) Give the 1980s a miss.


Michael Dwyer:  "So the best way for a committed rock musician to get ahead is to choose another career? " 

Deniz Tek -""It certainly is artistically, if you don't owe anybody anything you can continue on as long as you want."


Johnny Lydon has written his autobiography-  Rotten - No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs, which he described as "as close to the truth as one can get".  WIKIPEDIA And reliable as it is Malcolm McLarens last words were "Free Leonard Peltier"

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