The Hullabaloo

Even before printing press, spoken word and travelling musicians had their show-biz, their pizzazz,  their hurdy gurdyman.  A bit of a razzamatazz goes a long way -  but hullaballo and cacophony is wasted energy.  


SELF DETERMINATION  Some times it really is - all about YOU.  What WILL you stand for? Who do you Represent? The first person who needs to know what you are about - is YOURSELF.  Begin a process of self-inquiry.The Work   I Am & The Elevator Pitch   Vision Boarding to gain focus.   I want 

Where are you?     Grounding amid high complexity. "The moment we drop our mental Anchor is the moment when we become steadfast in a decision-making process.  It is the moment when we finally say to ourselves "here is where I stand" and "these are the rules I will govern myself by"   - The Anchor    WALDEN'S POND


Who is it that you think you are addressing?  
Brand Power is easier to build with a clear and coherant personal identity.  It's cheap too... you don't have to pay people to make up bullshit.  (Advertsing)
Original Innocence - Peacock  the Razzamatazz vs the Old Hullaballoo.  Tuesday - Presentation

Have you left room for Grace, and the great mystery to move on your behalf?  





Folk across the street. across oceans, across time have essence values, linking us all on Common ground, Solid Ground, Higher Ground even Sacred Ground

This painting tells me not to judge hullabaloo. I get hyped up by commercialised culture.  it's like a bunch of morons telling me I'm a moron.
Eg: I work on some difficult subjects that require months or years of thought - andthis infernal machine is pumping out dreadful rackets and misinformation.
So apologies to my friends  -who no more understand my need to stay focussed than I can understand how they tolerate what I find deeply offensive and profoundly disturbing.
I still think if the peacock was a musical instrument he'd be a tenor sax.   
(Align Centre)  
PEACE  - One Love - Maiia
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