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In the words of Dr Helen Caldicott 
"Then why don't you listen?"
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Carla Gorton organiser of Sept 2009 Special event  -  Remember Gaza

 Phil Monsour

-This article goes back to this '95 Women's Conference.   - Green Left Online

 Special Guest with new record...

The Empire's New Clothes


"Green Left Weekly aims to provide a much-needed forum for discussion and debate about changing the world. By giving a voice to progressive ideas, by sharing a wide range of views, by linking issues, campaigns and activists, and by letting people know how they can join with others to take action for change, the paper contributes to the development of a more just and democratic world."



A few of our favourite things here at Brindle Style too...

Isn't communication the point of the technological era?  - And I can only 
wonder what an 'envelope' is?  
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