Green Dragon

The Terrible Taniwha of Timberditch - Joyce McRae 

 photoThis piece was created for Josie Beare who said - "When you do the dragon painting -it's green" 

The drips left running down the tree (top centre) represent tears that never had to fall. - a line from a song                                  


: Maiia I wanted to involve balance - Earth, air, fire and water. The bridge is Chinese because the chinese dragon brings good fortune. The tree is of life and blossoming although Josie has gone along before. This was the second piece regarding, relating to suicide in the community.  Self-Determination        Intergenerational Transferrance                                                                           photoThe first one is the break-through Warrior Spirit piece. 2012 - Solar Eclipse - Year of the Dragon



                                                                            Maiia Art "Good friends we have and good friends we've lost all along the way. In this bright future you can forget your past. So dry your tears I say." - Bob Marley. Reggaetown Festival                                                                             

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