3. Wednesday: Professionalism, Narrative and Context

Maiia Brindle

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Workplace aspects of doing a good job: whether you're making jam to take to the local market, trying to run a large and unweildy NGO, working in a real actual job.  

Stamina, dexterity, resilience, skillfulness and creative thinking are great rewards of investing your time in activity with a degree of difficulty. 100% 
BE on time and being professional about it,  - this is why we devote every Monday to systems and strategy.  With organisational skill you can do a whole lot more towards getting a job finished on time.  With a whole lot less WORK
  Friday to feedback, reflection and amendment for quick self-correction.
Maiia: Mainstreet is GONE!! - in many places. We have gone through incomprehensible amounts of industry retraction over the last  few decades. Mainstreet is GONE!! - in many places. BUT YET - then came WEB 2 - Community Conversation.  

Stamina, dexterity, resilience, and skillfulness, are great rewards of investing your time in activity with a degree of difficulty. 100% effort and personal responsibility - a discipline may feel like 150% effort some times but you grow in fortitude.  
We emphasise organisation, in a homebased business there is no boss to coax or to growl the strength out of you. No elder there to take responsibility for handing out the cheat sheets, pointing to the shortcuts and ready with the safety net.  No size 12 boot up the bum either to help you get out of bed and muster a get up go - and a resilience that you don't know you have - until AFTER you find it.  
Care, skill, experience and efficiency is what a professional brings to the job and the workplace. That's why you get paid - for skills honed to a high degree, or a talent oters have not cultivated. Pay Someone   L.E.T.S TRADE    THE EMPORIUM
Task-oriented leadership, ( a boss hands out orders) may seem autocratic.  A rewarding day of big energy achieves big things. Task Orientation
"Remember that your current conditions reflect not your potential but the size and quality of the goals on which you are currently focussing." - Tony Robbins.  
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