4. Enterprise and

The new paradigm looks remarkably like an elder paradigm...  Apologies - we're Under ReConstruction



REVILLAGIFICATION - Let's get real about productivity, creativity, innovation, education, employment, social and economic Justice.


Release the ball and chain of European industrial era thinking which fails to serve the U.Seconomic present and cares not for our sustainable future @ southern hemisphere TROPICS of CAPRICORN - the wild frontiers of invasive colonialism.  


The Community Conversation (2012 -15 Cairns West) shows the importance of rebuilding community relationships to keep the wolf from the door - cashless exchange networks. 


Helping each other.L.E.T.S TRADE    Cairns LETS is hosted by www.clearwater.com.au  


Program 2016  Workstudy  Tuition Fees  SOCIAL INNOVATION


Team Building    individuals aligned in a shared vision.

Critical thinking   enhance your ability to find soulutions

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